What is Future Problem Solving?

The Michigan Future Problem Solving Program (MFPSP) provides creative problem solving activities for students grades K- 12. Spanning a variety of disciplines and content areas, MFPSP consistently demonstrates its validity in education as an integral part of a school's curriculum or as an academic extracurricular activity.

MFPSP meets standards for curriculum and instruction, language arts, social studies, science, the arts, math, geography, civics, technology, life skills, and behavioral studies.

The skills obtained by MFPSP students will last a lifetime and will help them in their academic and professional careers. Leadership, creativity, team work, time management, ingenuity, research skills, friendly competition, academic success, futuristic thinking and more.

There are several components to choose from. We have non-competitive options as well as competitive for all grade levels.

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Michigan Future Problem Solving is a state affiliate of the Future Problem Solving Program International.