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NEW! PCA Evaluation Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet to simplify PCA evaluation, tested at IC 2018

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New Evaluation Software


Integrated Booklet Evaluation Software with no Dependencies on Microsoft


This is a new release of ZipEval for 2019. There are two important changes:

Step 6 evaluation has a new entry introduced by FPSPI in 2018-2019. Be sure to get this update before evaluating in 2019.

ZipEval is now available for 3 different releases of Java. This is very important for MacOS users.

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>>>> Download ZipEval 2.2 for Java 7 <<<<

>>>> Download ZipEval 2.2 for Java 8 <<<<

>>>> Download ZipEval 2.2 for Java 11 <<<<

Version 2.1.0 for New MAC OS Releases

If you are having problems using ZipEval on newer versions of Mac OS, download this

version. It is identical to the Version 2.1.0 release below, it just uses a new version of Java

>>>>> Click here to download ZipEval 2.1.0 that uses newer Java <<<<<<<<

The installation instructions below also apply to this version

Version 2.1.0 Released


Everything in Version 2.0.0 plus:

Zoom and dezoom

Simplified user interface for starting evaluation session

Completion status tracking is more robust

Backwards compatible with Version 2.0.0 and 1.X.

Version 1.0.x cannot read Version 2.0.0 or 2.1.0, but Version 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 can read Version 1.0.x files

>>> Installation Instructions <<<

>>>>> Click here to Download <<<<<

Updated training videos are in the works, in the meantime use the videos at the bottom of this page or search for ZipEval on YouTube

Version 2.0.0 Released

Several Important Changes

All users in an affiliate need to upgrade at the same time.  Version 2.0.0 can read version 1.0.x files, but the older versions cannot read Version 2.0.0 files.

This version makes files and a a folder in the directory that it resides the first time it is run.  Avoid putting on your desktop unless you don't mind clutter.

Important New Features

Start ZipEval by double-clicking on assignment or results files. After initial setup (running the first time and following the directions), ZipEval can be started by double-clicking on an assignment file or a results file.  This setup is automatic for Linux and MacOs.  Regrettably, it requires some manual steps in Windows.  ZipEval can still be started by double-clicking on the file you downloaded.  It also appears as an application in MacOs and Linux.

Context-sensitive help - have a question about how to use a page? Click on the help button and the help for that page will be shown.

Log files creation - major events are recorded in log files in the ZipEvalLogs folder.  If you ever report a problem, please email these files with the report.

To install and use:

Download, place file where you want it, double click to run.  No further installation is needed.

Click here to download

Older Releases:

 ZipEval Version 1.0.3 -

Does not allow blank or duplicate team names, easy identification of team's pages, typo and wording fixes suggested by FPSPI

 ZipEval Version 1.0.2  - Step 2 Reload fix

ZipEval Version 1.0.1 - fix for using disposition page

ZipEval Version 1.0

If it does not run (Windows asks what program to use to open this file) then Java is not installed on your computer.  If this is the case, download and install Java from

View Introductory Videos for Evaluators and Coordinators (see bottom of page)

Older Versions:

Download Beta Test Version 0.1


Evaluation Spreadsheets

Use of ZipEval instead of the Evaluation Spreadsheets is recommended.


Michigan Format (Newer)

Michigan Format with PDF output and FPSPI (May 2014)

Updated Michigan Format Team and Individual Evaluation (May 2014)

Michigan Format (Older)

Michigan Format Team Evaluation (2009)

Michigan Format Individual Evaluation (2009)

International Format

International Format Team Evaluation (Jan 2014)


Evaluation Scheduler 3.1

Same logic as version 3.0, adds pop-ups to emphasize status messages

Scheduler V3.1

Supports specialty groups such as booklets requiring translation

Scheduler V3.0


ZipEval Instructional Videos