Our best coaches are those that understand the evaluation process....while our best evaluators are those that have coached and taught the Michigan Problem Solving Program process. Because the two go hand in hand, the MFPSP requires that all school districts or independent schools provide evaluator(s).

We encourage coaches, principals, parents or college students to become trained evaluators. Senior Division students who have participated in FPSP for at least one previous year may also evaluate.

Evaluator Participation Guidelines:

  1. For every 1- 6 GIPS teams or individuals submitting packets per district, the coach(es) will designate the name of one trained (or to be trained) evaluator who will represent their district at each evaluation.

  2. For every 6 student scenarios per district, the coach(es) will designate another evaluator for their district.

  3. New school districts are exempt the first year, but are encouraged to be trained as evaluators so they can better understand the process, but are also welcome to evaluate the first year.

  4. All new evaluators must receive training from MFPSP before evaluating. Training is free and online. Experienced evaluators are welcome rewatch the course online. Complete the registration form below to get started!

  5. To be eligible to evaluate at State Bowl an evaluator must have evaluated at least twice during the school year.

  6. The designated evaluator for your district may be anyone who has been (or will be) trained in Michigan FPSP evaluation since 2003 and have completed the 2019 refresher course. Coaches who cannot evaluate themselves are encouraged to designate a parent, the school principal, another teacher or an experienced FPS competitor who is grade 10 or up.

  7. If no evaluator is designated the district will be charged $120 for each group of 6 or less teams or individuals & 6 scenarios, and another $100 for State Bowl.

  8. If your designated evaluator misses either PP or the QP, a $40 fee will be assessed to cover the evaluation of each 1-6 packets or 6 scenarios.

  9. Evaluation fees are due prior to the first Practice Problem to be evaluated. Fees must be paid prior to the QP or the districts packets will not be eligible for state competition.

  10. Experienced evaluators will be given the option to evaluate on their own time at home. Packets will be distributed electronically to each evaluator choosing this method. New evaluators will be required to evaluate at the on-site evaluation session.

  11. Evaluators will be sent an email reminder 2 weeks before evaluation sessions, and will be asked to reply within one week.

  12. Evaluators should spend time reviewing briefing notes prior to evaluating for each PP or QP or State Bowl. 

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New this year, every evaluator will be required to complete a training before the year begins. Evaluators that are experienced will complete a short refresher packet. New evaluators will complete a training packet that will be graded by the FPS Board Eval Committee. This ensures everyone is geared up for the year ahead!
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